Betcity UFC Betting

Betcity bookmaker is considered one of the top ones in the world in terms of the quality of provided services.Therefore, betting on mixed martial arts in Betcity can bring a steady income. Not to mention that you can do this at any given time.

To start betting online, you need to create an account at Betcity. To do this, go to the site (link below), click “Registration” at the top right, enter your details and verify them. The procedure for creating an account is easy and quick – just follow the instructions on the screen.

Introduction to UFC and MMA Betting

Betcity UFC Betting

At Betcity you can find bets on men and women in the UFC. Here are the instructions for Betcity UFC Betting:

  1. Visit the official website of Betcity;
  2. Then click on the “Betting list” tab;
  3. On the left you will see first the popular matches, you need a list of sport disciplines under this section;
  4. There, select the “UFC/MMA” item;
  5. You will see two items in front of you: women’s and men’s sports;
  6. Select the section you want;
  7. A wide range of matches will pop up, select the one you want to bet on;
  8. Click on the type of wager you want, enter the amount and confirm the bet placement.

If you have already decided on the match on which you want to bet, the search box will help you. It is at the top of the sports disciplines to bet on. Enter into it the name of the match on which you want to bet, select the bet and place the money.

UFC Betting Odds

UFC Betting Odds

The betting line on MMA in Betcity is very wide. As for mixed martial arts, you can bet on men’s and women’s UFC, Bellator, KSW, Fight Nights Global and other tournaments, if they go on at the moment. This applies not only to the upcoming tournaments but also to those that are more than a month away.

For example, if you open the section UFS, you will see that there are fights for 2 months in advance. And these are not the highest-rated fights. Sometimes there are also bets on the outcomes of tournaments.
The list of bets for each match is more than extensive. UFC betting fans can bet not only on the winner but also on the round when the fight will end, on how it will be won (knockout or painful hold), whether there will be an early victory and more. Betcity is one of the best, if not the best bookmaker when it comes to the betting line and the fights.

Explanation of UFC betting odds

There are a huge number of UFC bets in MMA, now we will explain them to you. Here are the basic types of UFC bets:

TotalThis is a bet on the number of rounds, for example, if you bet on 2.5 it means that the number of rounds will be less than 3 
To win inside the distanceThis is a bet on the end of the fight before the allotted time (knockout, technical knockout, disqualification, etc.) Also, as part of this bet, you can bet on the fighter who wins early.
By pointsThis situation involves the outcome of the battle on points that is the decision of the judges. If the match is tense and it is not clear who will win, then after the allotted time for the fight, the judge decides who won on points. You can bet on which player will win on points in a given fight.
How the fight will be wonIt’s a bet on how the fight will end. There are only two outcomes. Under the first one, Painful/Choking/Voluntary Surrender is taken into account. Under the second one. Knockout/Technical Knockout/Disqualification

Betcity support


If you have any problems with withdrawals, deposits, bets, etc., you can contact Betcity’s support team. It is also very easy to do that – just search for the contacts in the bottom right corner. When reaching the company’s representatives, make sure to provide the name of your account, so they know which account has the problem.


I would like to know about bookmaker bonuses, what are they?

Bonuses are various incentives offered by a certain bookmaker to new and existing customers. As a rule, this is money for free bets or refunds of lost bets.

Is it allowed to register and play in more than one bookmaker’s office?

Of course, it is allowed, you can register an account with as many betting companies as you want.

When withdrawing funds I was asked for proof of identity. Is it worth sending the necessary documents?

This is a normal practice. Most bookmakers may require proof of identity by sending them a scanned document (passport or other that can confirm your identity). This is done to prove that your account belongs to you, that’s how a betting company insures itself against fake accounts.

How quickly does the money come to the gaming account?

It all depends on how the money is deposited into your account. The time of receipt of money for each of the options is different, for example, when depositing via card or electronic payment systems money comes almost instantly, but the bank transfer may take several days.