Football Betting on Betcity

Betcity is a well-known bookmaker that has been offering its services to Indian customers since 2012. There is a huge variety of sports and betting options available to get you started betting comfortably. Betcity provides customers with the option of using the bookmaker’s official website and mobile app for online betting.

Betcity Football Betting

Betcity Football Betting

It is no secret that football is almost the most popular sport in India. That is why many players get involved in football betting. Betcity company allows its customers to wager on football. Here you can bet at great odds, on a variety of events, and most importantly, with convenience. And this is one of the main reasons why people in India choose to bet on football on Betcity.

Football Events You Can Bet on at Betcity

Football Events You Can Bet on

At Betcity, you can bet on sporting events, such as:

  • Champions League;
  • Europa League;
  • World Championships;
  • Various leagues of many countries;
  • The Continental Championships;
  • Libertadores Cup;
  • South American Cup;
  • AFC Cup;
  • Various Premier Leagues of many countries;
  • America’s Cup;
  • Africa Cup;
  • Asian Cup;
  • European Championships;
  • The Olympics, etc.

Each bettor will be able to find something that suits them and place their bets with interest and pleasure.

How to Bet on Football at Betcity

To start football online betting on Betcity, you will need to:


Find the official website or the Betcity mobile app for online sports betting (if it is a mobile app, you must also download it);


Complete the registration. You will be asked to fill in a few fields: name and surname, place of residence, mobile number or email, year of birth, and currency in which your account will be created;


Once your account has been created, you will need to make a deposit using one of the suggested deposit methods: EcoPayz, UPI, PhonePe, Airtel, or with Visa and Mastercard;


Find the football tournaments and events you want to bet on.

That’s it. You can start Betcity betting.

Live Football Betting

Live Betcity football betting differs from conventional betting in just a few factors. For example, the fact that you are betting on a match that has already started. This means that the situation in the game is constantly changing, and the bookmaker corrects the odds at high speed. As a result, when betting live, you are practically in the game yourself.

Bonus on Sports for Newcomers

Bonus on Sports for Newcomers

When you make your first deposit after registering, the bookmaker offers you a welcome bonus for online betting. You can get 100 percent if you deposit between 200 Indian rupees, up to 2,000. So, for example, if you deposit 1000 rupees for the first time, you will have one extra thousand rupees in your account. 

To win back the bonus, you will need to increase its amount by a factor of five. In doing so, you have to bet on matches with odds between 1.3 and 3.0. That’s not to say it’s an impossible task.

What Advantages Do You Get from Football Betting on Betcity?

If you are into online betting on sport, then you know that Betcity tries to do everything for its customers. You can take advantage of a user-friendly website and an intuitive app. And in the case of football, there are plenty of options – from good odds to the most difficult types of betting on the sport.

Football Betting Tips

Football Betting Tips

While we’re on the subject of types of football betting, let’s go through them a bit.

Single betYou bet on one team to win or draw.
Double betYou bet on the first team to win and the second team to win, or on the first team to win and draw, or on the second team to win and draw.
Express betYou bet on several independent event outcomes. If you lose one of the outcomes, the entire bet is lost.
Bet on the total scoreYou bet on the final score of the match. You will be offered a value, for example, 3,5. Also, you will need to specify whether the total final score will be higher or lower.
Betting on the team to win, handicap includedAlmost the same as a single bet. You bet on one team to win by, for example, 5 over.
Betting on the match scoreWhen you place a bet, you are trying to predict the final score of the match.
Betting on one team to win and total scoreCombining single and total bets.

This is only a small part of all possible bets. All types can be found on the official Betcity website.

Everyone chooses their bookmaker for betting on football and other sports, but we recommend taking a closer look at Betcity. We have outlined most of the advantages above and hope that this will help you make the right decision when choosing a bookmaker.


Is Betcity a legal bookmaker in India?

Many people are aware of the existence of the Public Gambling Act, which is the basic law on the operation of gambling establishments. It makes no mention of online betting being banned at all. After all, it dates back to 1867 and is too old for such innovations. Thus, Betcity is completely legal, and no player has ever been prosecuted under the law for betting with an online bookmaker.

Will I be able to withdraw my winnings from Betcity?

Yes, you can. Betcity has no reason to deceive its customers. The bookmaker is still just starting to develop and gain popularity, so any lie could break its growing reputation and cause terrible damage. Betcity certainly doesn’t want that.

What is the minimum and maximum amount I can withdraw from Betcity?

The minimum withdrawal amount differs from one method to another. If you look at all withdrawal methods in general, you will be able to withdraw from Rs 100. The maximum amount is not limited by the site, however, when withdrawing a large number of funds, keep in mind the legislation.