Betcity Tennis Betting

When we think of sports betting, we usually think of soccer or cricket. We often forget that there are other ways to place successful bets, one of which is tennis! This is a fast-paced and dynamic sport that you can bet on profitably!

Now we will tell you how sports work and how to bet on tennis! Stay with us!

The sport itself has the characteristics of a rapidly developing recreational sport that can be practiced individually (most often) or in pairs.

The game consists of 3 sets (or 5 sets if the competition is a Grand Slam tournament), in which the winner is the one who first managed to win 2 sets (3 sets in the case of Grand Slam tournaments). A player wins a set if he/she wins the first 6 games of that set. There must be a 2 match difference between the players for the set to end.

In case of a tie before 6 games, a tie-break is played, which works as a tie-break. Whoever wins this tie-break wins the set.

Betcity Tennis betting

Betcity Tennis betting

Tennis is one of the most popular sports with its own features. In order to be successful in betting, it is helpful to be familiar with the concepts of odds.

The most common bets in tennis are:

  • Bets on the winner;
  • Handicap bet;
  • Bet on the total number of matches or sets;
  • Bet on the final winner;
  • Bet on the number of sets played;
  • Bet on the exact result of the game.

As in all sports, there are also special bets that depend on the bookmaker more specifically. In special bets we have for example: betting on who will win the next point, betting on the duration of the match, betting on who will win the next game or even betting on whether the total points of the game will be odd or even.

How to Bet on Tennis betting at Betcity

First, you need to create your account, that is, register because this is the only way you will be able to use all the functions of Betcity. Then you just have to replenish your account in any convenient way. 100 INR is the minimum deposit amount.



Log in to your account using your username and password. We remind you that you can log in from any device, which is very convenient.


Choose tennis

Find the section “Bets list” in the main menu. There you will find a list of all the sports available, among which you need to click on tennis.


Choose chances

Then you can mark a specific competition and match for yourself, after which you will see a list of all possible results for the forecast. Select one or more ratios.


Place a bet

All selected odds are displayed on your coupon. You can find it in the “Cart” section. It is here where you will have to verify that you selected the correct odds, indicate the type of bet, input the amount and finally make your prediction.

Live Tennis betting

Live Tennis betting

Users mark the real-time betting section of the bookmaker’s office, which is quite well developed and appreciated already at this stage. The number of live events is certainly less, but at a level that will satisfy everyone. The bookmaker has live video broadcasts of matches in good quality, but unfortunately, they are not available for all events. It is noteworthy that you can enjoy your time watching tennis online and simultaneously place your bets.

Bonus on Sports for Newcomers

Bonus on Sports for Newcomers

There are several types of promotions and offers available on this platform, but for starters, you can get a new customer bonus. Now you need to figure out how to get the welcome bonus. As it turned out, you just need to register for this. Check out the three simple steps to follow:

Registration on the platform

Go to the bookmaker’s website and click the registration button. It is very easy to find this button as it is located at the top of the site and is clearly highlighted. After you click on it, you will immediately be taken to a new page where you will find the much-known registration form.

Registration form

The registration form page has opened. There you need to fill in your personal information. It is extremely important that you pay close attention when filling out the registration form, making sure that all the information you enter into it is correct. After registration is complete, you will not be able to edit your registration information, which can be quite problematic if you entered incorrect information.

First deposit

When you first enter your account, you will receive your bonus. During this process, I had to choose a deposit method that is most convenient and interesting for me, and I recommend that you do the same, taking into account all the time and costs associated with the chosen method. It’s very simple: just create an account and make a minimum deposit on the site to be eligible for the welcome bonus.

Bookmakers often have a wide variety of bonuses, but I highly recommend that you carefully analyze the bonuses on offer before choosing the one you want to use. Each of the bonuses and offers on this site has its own terms and conditions, which are kind of rules that allow the user to use the bonus correctly. Please read these terms carefully as they will help you avoid future problems.

What Advantages Do You Get from Tennis betting on Betcity?

You will find a large number of bookmakers on the Internet, but we are sure that Betcity sport is different from the rest.

To begin with, we are very proud of how functional our site is. Navigating through it is intuitive and simple, so you will definitely find what you are looking for. The responsive version of the site for mobile devices guarantees a smooth experience no matter what device you are using, even on the road.

Betcity is also available for iOS and Android users to provide an excellent gaming experience. Betcity also offers its customers the best odds, tips, regular promotions and special offers available. Add to that the special Betcity bonuses and offers with improved odds for everything!

Odds & Tips

Odds & Tips

Just as the physical preparation of each tennis player directly impacts the results within the court, the tennis betting odds are a preponderant factor for our players. Betcity has a great concern in offering the best and most up-to-date odds of tennis matches around the world.

At Betcity, we guarantee that the odds you find on the site are in line with what is happening in the

court. We have a team of experts monitoring everything that happens in the world of tennis, providing the best Tennis odds so that your bets have even a higher value. In addition, you can still take advantage of our cash out options and have even more flexibility with your betting in tennis.

Collecting information about Tennis is not like Football. It will be difficult to find value odds in the pre-match of the sport. Before a game starts, you will do a quantitative data collection. It will handle the statistics of the tennis players and the tournament they are in.

But it is during the match that you will be able to check out better betting opportunities. Tennis value odds are more noticeable in in-play. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bet on pre-match! But it is a fact that the best betting opportunities appear during matches.

There will be situations where betting before the event starts will be positive. If the chances of a tennis player winning are much higher, it is one of those cases.

In general, we advise you to focus on live betting. They allow for better qualitative analysis of players.

And now, briefly about the results. What is the first thing a player thinks about? We think he is counting on security and legality. So the Betcity bookmaker works legally, and this is its main advantage. All participants are protected at the legislative level, which does not limit the list of advantages of the bookmaker. We have compiled a short list for you so that you can quickly evaluate and summarize all of the above information. Just have a  look:


  1. Extensive list and wide selection of events.
  2. Application availability.
  3. Minimum deposit – 100 INR.
  4. Large network of terrestrial PPPs.
  5. High odds.
  6. The presence of a section with statistics.


Is BetCity trustworthy?

Referring to the information from the official website, Betcity is a reliable bookmaker with a positive reputation. For this reason, 70% of the company’s clients become regular customers.

What is an express bet?

A multi bet consists of multiple outcomes and can consist of two, three, five, ten or more. Such bets multiply the coefficients among themselves, resulting in a higher win. A successful bet requires every expectation to come true.

Is Betcity customer service good?

The bookmaker’s support service works at a high level and is available via Telegram, WhatsApp, and Viber messengers. The link to instant messengers is on the main page of the site. There is also a link to live chat.