BetCity Bonuses

Are you looking for a BetCity bonus code to enjoy extra funds for sports betting? Well, we have some good news. Now, you don’t need any BetCity bonus code to participate in the promo campaign — the BetCity bonus is provided to every user who creates a new account. But, remember that there is no BetCity no deposit bonus and you have to top up your account with the minimum sum. Read on to know how to start your sports betting experience on the website without any BetCity bonus code.

First Deposit Bonus

First Deposit Bonus

Almost all betting platforms give new users some kind of bonuses, BetCity is not an exception. Moreover, while some companies require you to find a code to use to be given a gift, you don’t need any BetCity bonus code for added points. Today, promo for novices involves a BetCity bonus of 2000 rupees for registration. It is not a BetCity no deposit bonus, so you need to top up at least INR 200 to acquire it. Notice that the bonus doesn’t appear instantly, you must place several specific bets first. All the terms are written on the site. Of course, simply entering BetCity bonus code would be an easier path but as of this writing, only such a way to getting a BetCity bonus is available for beginners.

Other BetCity Bonuses

Other BetCity Bonuses

So, you’ve accepted the idea that no BetCity no deposit bonus may help, and you deposited money to get your welcome bonus. After this, you think that accessing extra promos requires a BetCity bonus code. But, it’s still not true! BetCity allows you to join promos without such prerequisites. Keep reading to learn what awaits you as an active BetCity punter.

Cashback for Failed Bets

The Betcity bonus program may seem to be quite stiff. They don’t offer a BetCity no deposit bonus, you are not able to use some type of the BetCity bonus code to obtain just a couple of free bonuses. You may think that you only have to spend money to profit a bit. However, you can now calm down because this is not true! BetCity has something amazing for you.

Speaking clearly, in 2021, you can get a cashback from the failed bets. And no BetCity bonus code is required to join this campaign. The only thing that matters here is your wager:

  • INR 105K to INR 314K — a cashback of 5%
  • INR 315K to INR 523K — a cashback of 7%
  • INR 524K and more — a cashback of 10%

Other conditions will be disclosed in the next paragraphs but now, let us tell you about one more interesting promotion you can take part in still without having a BetCity bonus code.

5% on Express Betting

Those who say you need a proper BetCity bonus code to boost your BetCity bonus account will be really surprised if you tell them you can profit literally every time you win an express bet. Of course, you could wait for the company to launch BetCity no deposit bonus or spend hours trying to mine for the super valuable BetCity bonus code… 
Well, while someone decides to do this, you take an action, deposit a bit to get your welcome bonus and try express bets to obtain 5% of the winning every time! Don’t take your time for light and ghostly opportunities — start your betting journey, take a small risk, and you’ll profit faster than others make less than a halfway towards finding a magic BetCity bonus code.

How to Get Your Bonus

How to Get Your Bonus

The most interesting part of our article you’ve been waiting for is right here. We’ll tell you how to claim and acquire each of the above-mentioned bonuses.

Welcome bonus

  1. Log in to the platform;
  2. As it’s not a BetCity no deposit bonus, deposit at least 200 rupees;
  3. Obtain the BetCity bonus that is equal to your deposit;
  4. Fulfill the 5x wagering requirements by betting with at least 1.3 odds or up to 3.0. 

Cashback on failed bets

  1. Ensure you have made at least one deposit equal or more than INR 105K;
  2. Place a bet;
  3. Enjoy your winning or enjoy the 5% cashback in the form of bonuses if the bet fails;
  4. Bet the three times bigger amount of the obtained bonus to withdraw it.

5% on Express bets

  1. Place an express bet (no BetCity bonus code needed);
  2. The odds must be at least 1.5 and bigger;
  3. Place express bets on at least four events;
  4. Enjoy the bonuses!

Wagering Requirements for the BetCity Bonus in India

The truth is simple: the only way to withdraw your bonus is fulfilling the wagering conditions. Regardless of whether you utilized a BetCity bonus code or got a BetCity no deposit bonus or participated in the official promo — the rule is the same. Hence, let’s see what you have to do to say the acquired BetCity bonus is eventually fully yours.

The welcome bonus has a 5x wagering requirement — bet it five times with at least 1.3 odds in 14 days.

The cashback promo requires you to bet a certain sum on any wager. However, the bonus is given to those who haven’t withdrawn money during the month. Bonus itself is provided on the 1st of the next month.There is no BetCity bonus code that could help you ignore and bypass these conditions, so keep calm and do your best to profit a lot!

Benefits of BetCity Bonuses

Benefits of BetCity Bonuses

The main benefit you can get from using a bonus is elimination of your own risk of course. However, this is not the only one.


You don’t need to spend hours to find BetCity bonus code for BetCity bonus. It is given without such tricks, just follow the straightforward requirements.


Although there is no BetCity no deposit bonus, there is something better — the bonuses that you may get monthly for as long as you bet on BetCity.


All the wagering requirements are disclosed on the website, so you won’t have a hard time understanding how to make your bonus available for withdrawing.

How to Wager the Bonus?

How to Wager the Bonus

It is actually a good thing that there is no BetCity no deposit bonus and you can’t obtain billions simply for entering some BetCity bonus code. If you wonder why this is good news, our answer is as follows — those who get a bonus that easily will never think of checking wagering requirements. But, if you know there are crucial prerequisites, you’ll read all the terms and find out every tiny detail.

Well, each BetCity bonus comes with certain requirements. You need to pay attention to the number of bets you must place, the sum you have to bet, and the odds you are asked to choose. These conditions are common, and you only ought to read the official info about the particular numbers.

BetCity Bonus Terms and Conditions

Now, you know that to enjoy a BetCity bonus, you don’t need any BetCity bonus code unless or until any new campaigns occur. So, the process is not that simple, and so as not to find yourself disappointed in the end, read all the terms and conditions carefully. You’ll find the information on the corresponding page on the official BetCity website while the key prerequisites and rules were already discussed above.


Do I need any BetCity bonus code to take part in the BetCity bonus campaigns?

Every promo campaign at BetCity has its own particular prerequisites and terms but none of them requires you to enter the BetCity bonus code. Such promos may happen from time to time but you’ll be notified about them when they appear.

Is there any BetCity no deposit bonus I can claim?

No, both welcome bonus and cashback promos require you to make a deposit.

Are there any new bonus programs apart from those disclosed above?

As of this writing, only the mentioned bonus campaigns are valid and active.

May I withdraw the bonus after accepting it?

No, you need to meet the wagering requirements before you can withdraw the winnings and the bonus.